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Hand Tied Weft

Hand-tied extensions is an all-encompassing term that describes attaching a weft or curtain of hair to natural hair…Then, the stylist will sew the hand-tied wefts onto the beaded foundation, securely attaching the hand-tied weft to the natural hair. Hand tied extensions are the hottest hair trend of the past 10 years. Hand tied hair extensions are the most natural looking , light weight extensions that give you the freedom to wear your hair up down .Hand tied hair extensions are done by hand and are much thinner than machine wefts .By laying flat against your scalp, hand tied wefts give a more natural look .The biggest difference between hand tied extensions and regular hair extensions is that there is no use glue or tape ,so they are much gentler on the scalp causing little to no breakage of your natural hair ,and the wefts significantly reduce bumps in the hair caused by regular extensions .